Use UV coatings to provide finishing on the highest level

ACTEGA North America UV coatings line called UltraSheen offer many advantages as a high degree of finishing, high scratch and scuff resistance, high chemical resistance, instant drying and a very good suitability for non-absorbent substrates.

Our UV coatings are based on carefully selected and tested raw materials. So-called reactive acrylates (resins, oligomers and monomers) are responsible for the development of the coating film.

UltraSheen UV coatings play a significant role in the production of printed products. They provide finishing on the highest level, protect the printed product perfectly and make fast processing possible.


What does UV mean

UV coatings, as the name implies, are coatings that cure under ultraviolet radiation. This means that “drying” in the classical sense does not occur. UV coatings cure through a chemical reaction, a polymerization.

During the radiation with UV energy, the photoinitiators become highly-reactive particles. These high-reactive particles crosslink the acrylates so that a plastic film is formed in milliseconds.

Our UltraSheen UV coatings are made of high-quality raw materials, advanced formulations and provide trouble-free processing.

Scott Welsh Head of Safety & Regulatory Affairs

UltraSheen Ultraviolet coatings

  • UV coatings for folding cartons
  • Environmentally friendly “Green” UV coatings
  • UV coatings for commercial printing – web and sheetfed
  • Ink train UV coatings
  • UV matte coatings
  • Specialty UV coatings
  • Digital UV coatings
  • Matte/Gloss contrast effect
  • Application of primer coatings

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PakSafe UV coatings

Discover the Ultrasheen® line of PakSafe UV coatings for packaging applications that have been specifically formulated to remove all California Proposition 65 materials and “forever chemicals” (PFAS – per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).


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