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The sports and leisure market is a thriving yet highly-competitive market. Around 30 million people in Germany alone claim to play sports on a regular basis. The international market volume accounts for 168 billion USD and 70 billion euro in Germany. The greatest share is accounted for by sports shoes and sports clothing but smaller sports equipment and accessories are also responsible for a growing percentage of sales. As for all other areas, the products used for all types of sports events and leisure activities should be durable, attractive, ergonomic and safe. SOFT EST.® TPE plastic compounds make sports fans’ hearts beat faster, attributing the end product a sporty look while features such as good grip make for added enthusiasm.

Thermoplastic elastomers with UV resistance for outdoor use

Whether for diving (goggles, flippers and snorkels), leisure items such as the grips on Nordic Walking sticks, riding equipment such as the soft-touch grips on horse brushes or handlebar grips for cycling fans – there is no limit to the variety of applications for elastic thermoplastic elastomers from the SOFT EST.® portfolio.

They ensure, for example, that goggles have a firm fit and the seals remain in place for a long time – despite UV radiation, sand at the beach and salt water when diving. These characteristics should also be displayed by other plastic products used in particularly sunny areas. Thanks to additional UV stabilization, the respective color remains intact and the products’ mechanical properties are not subject to any negative influences. SOFT EST.® UV-stabilized TPE filter the harmful UV light and act as free radical interceptors. This prevents a reduction in recovery or compression set, for example, which could possibly impair the function of the end product. The TPE portfolio offered by ACTEGA DS for applications serving recreational pursuits, physical activity and sports is enormous. Regardless of the functional range of TPE compounds, it is important for end users, i.e. footballers, gymnasts or canoeists, that the materials are skin-friendly and do not contain any contact allergens. Anyone who has ever had a negative experience using sports equipment will appreciate the opportunity to hold a hypoallergenic, harmless thermoplastic elastomer. For our TPE plastics, we use purely food-safe materials which are free of heavy metals and PAH which means that they do not cause any irritation when they come into contact with perspiration, for example. 

Camping harness made of TPE with protective shield against microbes

Another important material characteristic could involve attributing the material an antimicrobial feature. For example, for camping items where restrictions in space mean that only limited possibilities are available in tents or caravans for realizing 100% cleanliness and hygiene. Instead, our SOFT EST.® TPE with antimicrobial properties can ensure freshness and cleanliness in camping knife handles and chopping boards, camping utensils and even the camping toilet.

As we are very familiar with the market in which you operate, we know that flexible delivery is necessary as well as the material characteristics outlined above. Your products are manufactured at various locations which means that they require a variety of transport options. We currently actively supply 100 countries around the world with our products and offer you the opportunity to receive your respective TPE by land, sea or even air. After all, SOFT EST.® TPE are also flexible in terms of supply and it goes without saying that we also ensure precise deliveries.

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