UV coatings for high-value packaging

​​​​​​​WESSCO® UV coatings are versatile. Whether gloss or matt coatings, structure coatings, rainbow products that make the colors of the rainbow shine or silver coatings for brilliant highlights - everyone will find what they are looking for in this extensive portfolio. Added to this are our low-migration (LM) UV coatings for food packaging..

Discover WESSCO®, our brand for UV coatings in the packaging and label industries. Also available: WESSCO® UV laminating adhesives.


This dedicated portfolio includes matt, high gloss and effect coatings. All products were developed for use on food packaging and finish paper, cardboard and plastic films in sensitive areas complying with legal requirements and guidelines (GMP). WESSCO® LM coatings are formulated solvent-free and contain polymeric photoinitiators. Particularly developed for special applications: A new innovative generation of photoinitiators used in WESSCO® EPPI® LM coatings.

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Requirements for UV coatings:

The requirements for a packaging depend on who is using it when and what for. Thus, different factors count for the brand owner and the packaging manufacturer compared to the buyer. On the one hand, these are economy, processing method, production speed, effect and food conformity. On the other hand, we speak about functionality, environmental friendliness as well as the tactile and visual aesthetics of a packaging. WESSCO® UV coatings optimally combine both demands.

  • Gravure, flexo or offset printing
  • Foil and cardboard substrates
  • Webfed: Shrink Sleeve, tubes, labels and flexible packaging
  • Sheetfed: Publications and packaging

  • Suitable for the high-speed production 
  • Bright glossy effects
  • Great slippery
  • High scratch resistance
  • Low odor

You can also discover our WESSCO® UV laminating adhesives here.