Experts in Coatings

ACTEGA Terra in Lehrte, Germany, is a European market leader for overprint varnishes. As a specialist for water-based, UV and effect coatings as well as coatings based on renewable resources, ACTEGA Terra provides a comprehensive portfolio for Paper-based Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Labels and Publication & Commercial. In 2018, ACTEGA Terra supplied products to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Pioneer for overprint varnishes

ACTEGA Terra is the pioneer for overprint varnishes. In the 1970s, the company - at that point of time known as Joachim Dyes Lackfabrik - developed the first water-based coatings for the graphic arts industry. Today, ACTEGA Terra, based in Lehrte, Germany (close to Hannover), is a European market leader for overprint varnishes. Products are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. Among others, ACTEGA Terra offers coatings for board, paper and film used in offset, gravure, screen, flexo and digital printing. As a customer, you will profit from:

•  Worldwide support and services on site
•  Long-term experience around the printing and coating process
•  Extensive know-how with regard to food, packaging and chemical law
•  Dedicated analytical instrumentation and laboratory back-up
•  Modern and fully equipped production
•  High product safety standards
•  Certified hygiene, quality and environmental management systems

Being an innovative organization with focus on coating development and technical services, sustainability is incorporated into ACTEGA Terra’s overall processes. The company follows the principle of preventive environmental and resource protection. As an example, ACTEGA Terra was the first company to develop coatings based on renewable resources for the graphic arts industry. 

Fast decisions, tight deadlines, and a frequent number of cycles: Everyday work in the printing industry calls for maximum efficiency. At ACTEGA Terra, structures are adapted to these extreme requirements. Challenge us!