Q3/2020 - Beta Program: latest developments and news

Despite tremendous challenges due to the Covid-19 situation, the recent months have been exciting for the ACTEGA Metal Print Team, and it is our pleasure to again update you on the progress we have made with our ECOLEAF Technology.

Q2/2020 - A new global partnership

Despite the COVID-19 global situation, we are happy to announce that ACTEGA Metal Print has installed its first ECOLEAF Beta unit at Kolbe-Coloco - a German printer based in Versmold and only 1.5-hours drive from our company location in Lehrte. Kolbe-Coloco is part of the 550 people Hamburg based printing group, H.O.PERSIEHL.

Q3/2019 - LabelExpo

Labelexpo is coming close and we would like to present you the latest achievements in the development of our technology. We are especially proud to announce that we found a way to create tinted trigger images that enable the imaging of a vast variety of colored shiny embellishments. You will also learn more about how different printing methods for creating trigger images result in different appearances of the metallic effects. Finally, you will get the chance to get in touch with our beta program which is scheduled for Q1/2020.

Q1/2019 - Making 2019 a Landmark Year

After we made significant progress with our technology and learned about the market needs last year, we are looking forward to 2019, where our key challenge is to define the first ECOLEAF product and get it ready for market. We present our new CSMO Dario Urbinati by asking him five key questions. Jan Franz Allerkamp reports on his visit at A B Graphic International in England.

Q4/2018 - Looking forward to a successful 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, we are picking up momentum with our new 2,800 sqm facility in Lehrte. We are very happy to share a sneak peak of the new site and interviews with members of our team as they discuss our progress and our plans for 2019.

Q3/2018 - Finding the Right Match

We are looking for the right strategic partners that operate in market segments where a large utilization of metallic embellishment can be seen to justify the investment in our technology. Therefore Jan Franz Allerkamp explains how we analyze different market segments with regards to the use of metallization.

Q2/2018 - ECOLEAF: A Silver Bullet for Metallization

We ensure that our ECOLEAF technology really fits the market needs meeting a lot of customers from different market segments and regions, learning about their perspective and needs about waste reduction, flexibility of production and stock keeping. We'll give you also an insight of the R&D labs where ECOLEAF is developed.

Q1/2018 - Engineering a New Future

We are a young start-up company inside a multibillion euro chemical company with a long-standing history of nearly 150 years. From this position we are currently building a team of highly experienced experts in printing, chemistry and engineering with Harald Jasper as COO. We were also excited by the arrival of our Gallus narrow web press to Lehrte.

Q4/2017 - 2017: A New Beginning

After the acquisition of the Nano-Metallography technology from Landa, ACTEGA Metal Print was officially launched in March. Our mission is to deliver a sustainable technology for metallization graphics that saves a significant amount of material, costs, and production time.

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