ACTEGA heat seal and protective lacquers for POE membrane film
Protection of the membrane and outstanding sealing properties against tinplate cans for dry contents

What distinguishes peel off ends compared to conventional lidding films?

Peel off ends (POE) from aluminium are sealed against tinplate rings of cans. In comparison to other opening methods peel off ends convince by various advantages. They have the same high barrier properties as conventional lidding films, but are very user-friendly and minimize the risk of injury when opening the can.


For protecting the outer surface of POE membrane films and their seal against tinplate rings of cans for:

  • dry powdery contents (e.g. milk powder, coffee powder)
  • dry solid contents (e.g. snacks, pet-food, tobacco, chocolade)

HEAT SEAL COATINGS (Inner membrane side):

ACTEseal® HS-850
For sealing against unlacquered tinplate with noticeable stress whitening

ACTEseal® HM-073-M-2
For sealing against unlacquered tinplate at high seal temperatures

Get in touch with us about seals against lacquered tinplate – we will then offer you a solution adapted to the sealing counterpart.

PROTECTIVE COATINGS (Outer membrane side):
ACTEcoat® SW-140-0516

ACTEcoat® FL65105-W

T​​​​​​echnical data

  • Single-layer and multi-layer designs possible
  • High bursting pressure for transport & storage at high temperatures
  • Suitable for embossing
  • Solvent-based
  • ​​​​​​​Gravure printing
  • Available in various color tones
  • Indirect FDA approval
  • Heat-resistant
  • Suitable for embossing
  • Flexographic
  • Gravure printing
  • Digital
  • UV

to consumers:
  • Tamper-evident (noticeable stress whitening)
  • Longer shelf life 
  • Content protected
  • (our products also satisfy the high requirements for baby food)

to our customers:
  • Customizable sealing at high temperatures
  • Enables membranes to be produced internally and economically 
  • Extrusion systems not required

Noticeable stress whitening after opening

​​​​​​​ACTEGA – Your competent partner for the packaging market​​​​​​

  • Ultramodern laboratory equipment
  • High level of investment in R&D
  • Innovative, market-oriented product development
  • ​​​​​​Customer-specific order production
  • Small volumes also available
  • Quality control using state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Quality certificates for each individual batch
  • 100 % traceability of raw materials, products, and deliveries
  • Integrated management system: certified in environmental, energy, quality, and occupational health and safety management
  • Selecting the perfect product from our wide-ranging portfolio of successful, tried-and-tested standard solutions
  • Joint development of a bespoke product solution
  • Considerable expertise in legal matters concerning foodstuffs
  • Extensive know-how when it comes to our customers’ plants
  • Supporting new products at the customer plant
  • Laboratory analysis and trouble shooting on site

Our coatings for POE-membranes enable our customers to economically produce membranes in-house and guarantee a hermetic seal by leaving a clear white footprint.

STEFAN BRANDHOFF Head of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA

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