ACTEGA Metal Print develops and produces ECOLEAF technology, the industry's most sustainable technology for creating metallic embellishments in graphic arts.

ECOLEAF technology is used to print metallic effects for labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, commercial printing, and publishing. The technology dramatically reduces the waste associated with conventional cold foil and hot foil stamping technologies while providing a solution that is cheaper, faster and easy to use.

Our history

ACTEGA Metal Print was founded in February 2017 with a mission to revolutionize graphic arts with a sustainable metallization. To achieve this mission, ALTANA’s ACTEGA division acquired Nano-Metallography™, a unique technology that was first unveiled at the Drupa 2016 print exhibition by Benny Landa, founder of the Landa Group.


Learn more about how it works and get insights on the application process and the ECOLEAF LA420 technology.