TPE Compounds

Discover our comprehensive range of TPE compound solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods applications

ACTEGA offers TPE compounds for injection molding and extrusion applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors. The product portfolio ranges from standard products to customized TPE plastic granules.

Thanks to their soft-elastic properties, resistance to a wide range of media and their mechanical properties, the compounds can be customized and used in a variety of applications. In addition, the TPE solutions meet the strict regulatory requirements of the food industry and medicine, are free from heavy metals and phthalates and can be used in kitchen and household items, pharmaceutical packaging, medical tubes and in the personal healthcare sector, for example. In these fields of application, our thermoplastic elastomers impress with their soft-touch feel and sealing properties.

Areas of application


  • Free of plasticizers and heavy metals
  • Available either in highly transparent, translucent or natural.
  • Easily colorable by masterbatch.

Basic functions

  • Elastic and flexible
  • Direct food contact
  • Adhesion on other polymers

Optional functions

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TPE Highlights for Medical Applications

TPE for medical drip chambers

Safe solutions for the high demands on performance and safety for medical drip chambers.

TPE for Pharmaceutical stoppers

TPE compounds specially developed for the high safety requirements of pharmaceutical stoppers.

TPE Highlights for Consumer Goods Applications

Personal healthcare

TPE compounds for high hygienic, significant haptic and optical requirements in Personal Healthcare products.

Food storage boxes

Food safe TPE for leakproof food storage containers with highest safety needs.

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