FAQ: Sustainability at ACTEGA

What does sustainability mean to ACTEGA?

In line with our motto “Let us make the world a little bluer”, ACTEGA takes a holistic approach to sustainability. For us, sustainability is not a new trend or a single initiative, but a driving principle that is deeply embedded in our DNA. We consider all the social, health, economic, and environmental impacts of our business operations and products that we introduce to the market. We invest in sustainable product and technology solutions that can change our industry without wasting our planet. We influence the sustainability of consumer packaging. We support food protection through innovative packaging systems, help our industry to enable and simplify the recycling process and drive new solutions to reduce packaging waste. ACTEGA as part of the ALTANA group is consistently pursuing a demanding sustainability course. This can be seen with our carbon neutrally commitment, our water and waste reduction accomplishments, and our many ratings and certifications.

ACTEGA is a division of the internationally operating specialty chemicals group ALTANA and specializes in the production of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds for the printing and packaging industry. We continuously focus on developing sustainability-driven solutions and products targeting downstream stages of the value chain.

ACTEGA’s development process is characterized by a combination of radical innovation and optimization of existing approaches or products, allowing us to create a well-balanced portfolio. ACTEGA is also revolutionizing approaches with disruptive technologies like ECOLEAF and Signite, pushing boundaries, and providing a real-world solution for today's environmental issues – providing a balance between ecological preservation and economic benefit.

In 2022, a significant share of ACTEGA’s turnover was generated by sustainable product solutions and, of all new product developments in progress today, 60% are being designed with ‘sustainability improvement’ as a key feature or unique selling point. With 10% of revenue flowing back into research and development, sustainable criteria form an integral part of our project management. This innovation strategy is implemented by 10 ACTEGA research laboratories worldwide with approximately 120 employees.

In addition to offering solutions and products that are kind to the environment, ACTEGA has also taken meaningful steps to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. The progress made in this endeavor demonstrated itself with results: CO2 emissions have been reduced by over 70% for the whole ACTEGA group in the last 5 years. Furthermore, water consumption was reduced by over 45%. Additional efforts are put in place to produce energy from solar sources at individual sites, for example in Vigo, Spain or soon at our site in Bremen, Germany.

ACTEGA relies on strong tactics that help live sustainability and contribute to the circular economy approach: recycle, reduce, replace, displace, and degrade. We are constantly looking for solid and viable alternatives to non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle packaging solutions that allow recycling widely and easily utilizing standard practices. We invest heavily in new technologies and innovative product solutions to reduce material and waste volumes, lower energy consumption and to make processes more efficient. Based on our overarching expertise in chemistry, formulation, and application, we develop innovative and safe solutions that do not only avoid risks to the environment but also ensure human health. If individual components of a packaging cannot be kept in the cycle, complete degradability should be a target. To achieve this, strategic partnerships are necessary. ACTEGA is currently developing new supply chains, working with brand owners, raw materials suppliers, and regulatory agencies. This partner-centric approach, utilizing the best and most innovative technology and expertise available today, will help build a better tomorrow.

The numerous certifications and ratings obtained by ACTEGA sites over the years are proof of our efforts and commitment in various fields, ranging from the quality of products and processes to services, solutions, and supply. We also carry out specific, aimed audits, according to our customers’ needs, in order to assess individual suppliers. Whether you are interested in the renowned ECOVADIS sustainability rating, our Material Health certifications, in certified management systems or our commitment to the Responsible Care initiative, find in the following page more information and our certificates for download.

Yes. The high priority we place on sustainability and the increasing and constantly changing regulatory landscape call for a dedicated approach. In 2022, ACTEGA created the position of Global Head of Sustainability. This position will lead the development and implementation of the company's sustainability and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives focused on the circular economy, sustainable solutions, and carbon neutrality. Responsibilities include driving sustainability efforts and integrating them into all ACTEGA technologies and operations, as well as working closely with customers, suppliers, our R&D, Regulatory Affairs and EH&S teams. Specific examples include analyzing the current product portfolio from a sustainability perspective or launching initial initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of materials.

Yes, ALTANA publishes a corporate report in which the sustainability report is integrated. The latest report can be found in the following page.

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Dennis Siepmann
Global Head of Sustainability at ACTEGA
Dennis Siepmann | LinkedIn


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