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    Alumifix - Product Line 52

    Abrasion resistance, excellent thermal drying
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    Epoxy Varnishes

    Suitable for DRD, Deep Draw, Shallow Draw Cans, EOE, compatible with conventional and UV inks
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    Polyester / PU Varnishes

    High Abrasion Resistance
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    Polyester / PU Enamels

    High Flexibility, compatible with UV and Conventional Inks
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    Artística R52 Plus

    Global Chemistry = Global approvals; Food contact, Low weights = Savings, all filling processes
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    Thermal curing

    ACTEcoat® TGL-57

    very good acid and alkali resistance
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    ACTEcoat® 28505-18014

    epoxy-phenolic resin combination, extraordinary chemical-resistance, also for high alkaline products, for direct food-contact
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