Closures are essential to seal a great variety of containers. Thus, they enable the optimum protection of food and beverages throughout their shelf life. Whether you are looking for compounds, coatings or sealants, ACTEGA offers solutions for aluminum and plastic closures, metal vacuum closures, crown corks or lug caps.

Crown Corks

Crown corks are used to seal glass bottles for various applications. Either for pry or twist off; with barrier or oxygen scavenging function; our coatings and compounds meet your requirements. 

Plastic Closures

Apart from compounds for out-shell and in-shell processes, ACTEGA offers tailor-made products for sport closures, barrier and retort applications or master batches. Discover our laser-marking compounds.

Aluminum Closures

Deep-draw ability and a broad range of colors characterize coatings offered by ACTEGA. Our compounds provide outstanding organoleptic properties and controlled oxygen uptake.

Aluminum Long Caps

Aluminum long caps for wine or spirits enable optimum preservation of taste and aroma by controlled oxygen uptake. ACTEGA offers innovative compound solutions as well as highly decorative coatings.

Metal Vacuum Closures

ACTEGA provides exterior coatings and PVC compounds for the food industry. We also offer PVC-free compounds combined with BPA-NI interior coatings. Compounds for Hobbock lids complete our portfolio.

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