Labels say a great deal about the product and the company they identify. They carry information and differentiate the brand. Thus, it is important that all label components are of the highest quality - from the inks used to the protective and value added finishes. ACTEGA offers product solutions for the various label types, including wet glue, pressure sensitive or in-mold labels.

Pressure Sensitive

Pressure sensitive labels are printed on pressure sensitive paper stock. They are perfect for contoured and squeezable containers and used in food and beverages, household or automotive industries.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves allow multiple shapes and a great visibility. They are suitable for advertising and sales promotion purposes. Discover ACTEGA’s product solutions for this high impact application.

Wet Glue

For wet glue labels, a cold glue or hot glue adhesive is used to apply the label. Cut and Stack labels are the ideal choice for many applications.


A superior alternative to direct printing or other labeling methods, in-mold labels provide vibrant, photo quality graphics that demand consumer attention. They also improve brand presence on shelf.

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