10.08.2021 - Seiko used the opportunity from 19 to 23 July not only for a technical presence event in the form of an Open House in Neu-Isenburg, but was also able to use this occasion to present the new technical premises as well as additional meeting and show rooms.
Thanks to excellent organisation on Seiko's part, 150 participants from 12 countries were welcomed.
They obviously used the event with great pleasure to finally experience and discuss the possibilities of inkjet printing in different application areas in personal conversations.
ACTEGA was also on site to present the concept of digital coating with its partners Seiko, adphos and ideeGO.
In a showroom richly equipped with technology, the application could be demonstrated and viewed in action alongside numerous others

ACTEGA, Seiko, adphos and ideeGO see a demand on the market for this type of inkjet application. If one compares digital varnishing with analogue varnishing, e.g. by means of flexo printing, there are a number of advantages:

  • Compared with analogue coating processes, such as flexo, coating application with the inkjet process has major advantages: The amount of coating applied can be adjusted quickly without changing anilox rollers or other manual set-up activities.
  • Switching between spot and full-solid coating is just as quick.
  • Non-contact coating offers advantages on uneven or touch-sensitive substrates.

Inkjet printing can thus be thought of the other way round: from the end or the coating unit of the press, which is also quite interesting for analogue printing processes.
It was a very well organized, well attended and, above all, very informative event. ACTEGA would like to thank Seiko and its project partners for their support and excellent cooperation.

If you have plans for inkjet applications, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will find the right solution for you and your project.


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