ECOLEAF – a new category of metallization

ECOLEAF has reinvented the metallization process, by using “liquid foil” in place of the plastic-backed foil reels used in traditional hot and cold foiling. By only placing metal flakes precisely where they are needed, ECOLEAF avoids the need for PET carrier film and therefore eliminates foil reels altogether, significantly reducing waste and plastic usage, as well as minimizing the environmental impact associated with producing and disposing of these plastics.

Switching from hot or cold foiling to this innovative metallization technology enables the creation of stand-out metallic label embellishments with multiple overprint possibilities, colored and gold layers, in addition to a much-improved environmental profile.

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ECOLEAF Experience

ECOLEAF metallization unit is compatible with a range of print technologies, and a wide range of metallic finishing options can be realized, depending on the printing technology used:

  • • Tactile metallic effects without embossing: rotary or flatbed screen
  • • Very fine metallization at the highest resolution: flexo
  • • Seamless and variable metallization: inkjet

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