Internal low cure coating for aerosol cans

Saving Energy & CO2

In the transition from solvent-based coatings to UV-based coatings, ACTEGA offers our customers (the can makers) an intermediate solution: Low cure coatings.

The low cure coatings for aerosol cans are internal coatings.

The current systems must be dried at temperatures of 250-270 °C. ACTEGA’s new low cure coatings make it possible to dry at a temperatures of 195-200 °C. The curing time of the aluminum tubes (5-6 minutes) stays the same.

How low cure coatings can contribute to sustainability

The lower curing temperature required for these coatings (195-200 °C) compared to traditional systems (250-270 °C) can result in significant energy savings during the production process, by reducing the gas consumption and therefore minimizing CO2 emissions.

Advantages of low cure coatings

  1. Reduce gas consumption during application and cure processes.
  2. Minimize CO2 emissions.
  3. Keep the same performance of the internal coating when the curing process is reduced to 195–200°C, in terms of physical and chemical resistance properties.

Aerosol cans are a popular packaging option for various industries, such as industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. ACTEGA understands the challenges of the industry when it comes to transition from solvent-based to UV-based coatings.

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