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With a successful history in the market of printing inks for the metal packaging industry, ACTEGA is the market leader in the South America region.

Our extensive portfolio comprises inks for all Metal Packaging markets: Beer & Beverage, Food and General Line Cans, Closures, Monobloc and Collapsible tubes.

ACTEGA´s portfolio of thermally cured, UV and LED inks also includes a wide range of special effect inks.

Printing inks from ACTEGA provide excellent printability and support our customers to achieve optimal color performance.

An extensive and comprehensive portfolio

  • Beer & Beverage Cans:
    Alu & Steel DWI cans: Polistar 60.

  • Food & General Line Cans:
    Steel 2Pc & 3Pc Food, General Line, Aerosol & Drums: UV Metal 25, UV-LED 77, Metalfix 50 & Polifix 55.
    2Pc DR Steel Fish Cans: Sintetica 57.

  • Closures: 
    Crown corks, Alu caps: UV Metal 25, UV-LED 77, Metalfix 50 and Polifix 55.

  • Monoblock & Collapsible tubes:
    Aluminum Aerosol, Beverage bottles and tubes: Alumifix 52.
„ACTEGA printing ink technologies are continuously evolving to address the sustainability & regulatory challenges of the global metal packaging markets.”

Dr. Teresa Ramos

Global Market Manager Beverage Cans

POLISTAR Effect Inks

Our POLISTAR brand includes special and effect inks like tactile, thermochromic, fluorescent and others, for beer & beverage cans.

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