ACTEcoat® for Premium Can Ends

Distinction and exclusivity for beverage can ends

With so many cans on store shelves, brand owners need to find additional ways to differentiate their packaging. But what about can ends, which have hardly been used for differentiation so far, even though they immediately catch the consumer's eye?

The attractiveness of beverage packaging is of great importance for the customer's decision. Therefore, the design must clearly express the brand identity, even if exclusive graphics, personalized messages, unusual shapes or new features are applied. Indeed, customized colors for can ends do both enhance brand identity and add exclusivity.

ACTEcoat® comprises innovative food safe color solutions from ACTEGA that make your can stand-out on the shelf thanks to its attractive color tops.

Color drives uniqueness

Color is the most important component when it comes to attracting buyers through packaging, as it is visible from a greater distance than a brand message or graphic. Not only does the color itself evoke certain associations, but so do the color combinations; whether the colors are complementary, matching or contrasting. In addition, special printing effects, such as tactile, thermochromic, moving, glow-in-the-dark or 3D, help to reinforce the unique product experience that not only younger consumers are looking for.

Only a true color matching expert can deliver brilliant effects to your can.

ACTEGA’s expertise in the field of color-matching is now providing extra-value to your can ends by means of a broad portfolio of standard and tailor-made color coatings with or without metallic effects.

ACTEcoat® for premium can ends comes with an unbeatable color-matching service. This presents immense opportunities to all beverage brands that launch cans and ends with custom design for a special occasion or holiday season, so to provide their loyal customers with an exclusive packaging for particular moments.

Dr. Teresa Ramos

Global Market Manager Cans

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