Our Brand: Promise and Value

Solutions for Packaging

Our brand identity goes far beyond the mere product. It is oriented towards our customers’ needs. We are Specialists for Packaging Solutions:

  • SUSTAINABILITY: We use resources wisely and emphasize environmental and climate protection.
  • ATTRACTIVENESS: Our solutions contribute to providing our customers' products with visual and tactile effects.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Our products add valuable properties to packaging, such as protection, resistance or mechanical characteristics.
  • EFFICIENCY: We help our customers to save costs and both optimize products and processes.

With ACTEGA you play it SAFE: Our innovation roadmap and our activities are determined by legally compliant product solutions that have been specially developed to meet the high safety standards of sensitive industries.

Our brand values are at the heart of everything we do. We are innovative, agile and value-creating.


We promote new ideas and think outside the box. We support our customers with future-oriented technologies. This is proven by a growing patent portfolio. Our R&D expenditure accounts for 10% of total sales. We have a global network of laboratories as well as highly developed in-house analytics with state-of-the-art equipment. We rely on close cooperation with customers and partners. It is our objective to jointly and continuously optimize and further develop products and technologies and shape the markets of our industries.


We continuously adapt to the needs of our customers and markets. We actively drive technological change and digitalization. The global structure of ACTEGA and within the ALTANA Group enables us to exploit synergies. With our production sites in Europe, North and South America, and China, we can not only better serve customers internationally, but also support them proactively in their growth. This also makes it possible to react in a more flexible way and faster to local customer requirements.

Value Creating

We focus on activities that create added value for our customers and partners. Wherever appropriate, we offer tailor-made services and products to meet individual requirements. We develop and market in close cooperation and take into account the challenges of each market. To help our customers generate competitive advantages, we focus on high-quality visual, tactile and functional appearances of packaging. It is our intention to bring surfaces and packaging to life.

ACTEGA - Packed with Expertise

Not only goods are packed, ACTEGA is "packed", too. Packed with expertise.

“Packed” in this case means two things:
The existence of extensive expertise and knowledge, but also the reference to the results of our work.

ACTEGA has the expertise and thus creates the most suitable solutions for packaging.

The customer’s goods? - Optimally packed
Who did it? - ACTEGA
Why? - ​​​​​​​Because we are „Packed with expertise“

Discover with us the full load of packaging solutions for your products.