Metal Packaging Solutions

Products for Closures, Cans, Monobloc & Tubes

ACTEGA Metal Packaging Solutions develops, produces and sells compounds, sealants, coatings, printing inks and adhesives for closures, cans, monobloc and tubes in highly regulated markets such as food, beverages, pharma and personal care industries. With production and service sites in Europe, China, North and South America, ACTEGA Metal Packaging Solutions supports on-site with highest quality standards.

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Closures are essential for sealing containers and providing optimum protection for food and beverages. We bundle competences to provide complete closure solutions with compounds, coatings and printing inks in highly regulated markets. Compounds guarantee the seal integrity of closures, tailored to filling goods and individual requirements as heat stability, oxygen control or organoleptic properties. Coatings protect metal substrates as well as printing images, ensure the adhesion between compound and metal and add value in decorative design. Printing inks as decorative features immediately draw the consumer attention to your closures.


Either for achieving a better functional performance of your can or for enhancing its decoration, we work on providing customized sustainable technologies to our customers. From internal BPANI coatings to external UV direct to metal systems, covering a broad range of standard and premium coatings; from effect printing inks to water-based sealants, ACTEGA Metal Packaging Solutions helps you to obtain the maximum packaging safety & can attractiveness.

Monobloc & Tubes

Our Monobloc & Tubes portfolio includes solvent-based, water-based and UV coatings that have been specially developed to meet market requirements. Our solutions provide added value products with special effects, such as a matt or pearlescent finish to stand out on any store shelf.

Our experts understand the needs of the value chain and generate sustainable and profitable value for our customers.


Senior Vice President Metal Packaging Solutions


A portfolio of products with decisive contribution to sustainability


High-quality coatings for food and pharma packaging


The only PVC-free TPE solution for metal vacuum closures


Wilfried Lassek

Mr. Lassek joined ACTEGA, an ALTANA division, in 2008 as Managing Director of ACTEGA DS based in Bremen. Additionally to his responsibilities, Wilfried Lassek became Head of Global Market Segment Closures in 2016. In 2020, the segments were merged into Business Lines to significantly boosted synergies. The new Business Line Metal Packaging Solutions is headed by Wilfried Lassek as Senior Vice President.

At ACTEGA Metal Packaging Solutions, we…

…ensure a constistent top performance

  • Reliable products that allow you to spend less time on performance issues and have less downtime.
  • Repeatable, dependable accuracy from batch to batch

…provide high quality and legally compliant products

  • In-house analytics
  • Adherence to maximum demands on quality, purity, cleanliness and hygiene
  • Reliable knowledge of regulations and legal requirements in individual countries

…stand for a global service and support footprint

  • First-class service & support on site with highest quality standards
  • Global service network of experienced experts

…rely on customer-driven innovations

  • Broad range of standard and customized product solutions
  • High degree of competence with a global network of laboratories
  • State-of-the-art equipment and chemical analytics
  • 6 % of revenue is invested in R&D
  • A growing patent portfolio

…act sustainable

  • Innovative product solutions, e.g. ACTGreen®
  • Meeting the objectives of the ALTANA Group

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