The Canmaker - Cans of the Year Award 2023

UV DIRECT TO METAL Wins Gold Award in “Sustainability” Category

Another significant award recognizing sustainability: The innovative UV DIRECT TO METAL technology, developed by ACTEGA in the Business Line Metal Packaging Solutions, was honored with the coveted “Can of the Year Award” in Gold, in the category “Sustainability”, at this year's "The Canmaker Summit" in Edinburgh on October 11, 2023.

Each year, the “Cans of the Year Awards” recognizes the most significant developments and innovations of the metal packaging industry. With a broad spectrum of categories covering all types of metal cans, a panel of expert judges honors international achievements in the production, design or optimization of metal cans. The sustainable and resource-sparing UV DIRECT TO METAL process, developed by ACTEGA in cooperation with Brasilata Labs and Plasmatreat GmbH, was able to shrug off the competition in the “Sustainability” category.

“The Gold award was the crowning moment for us at this great event. Our thanks go to our development partners and our Research and Development department”, said Ömer Yagci, Head of Strategic Marketing, who received the award on behalf of ACTEGA. “Sustainability is very important to us, and something that we pursue throughout the company. So, it delights us all the more when these efforts are recognized and honored”, adds Yagci.

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With the help of UV DIRECT TO METAL, it is now possible for the first time to apply UV coatings directly to a metal surface that has been pre-treated with atmospheric plasma. On many levels, this represents major progress in the field of sustainability. This innovative solution therefore allows solvent-based coatings to be replaced with more efficient and more sustainable UV systems. For curing UV lamps are used, which allow a significant energy saving compared to conventional curing in gas ovens. The technology also enables faster and more cost-effective production, causing 40 percent fewer CO2 emissions and lower VOCs compared to solvent-based coating systems.

ACTEGA has been renowned in the metal packaging industry for many years for its intensive commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The company’s entire Research & Development division, for example, is geared towards the development of resource-saving solutions and the introduction of sustainable materials and processes

Discover more about the UV Direct to Metal Systems with our whitepaper "Leading in Sustainability & Productivity Improvements in Canmaking.