Coatings for the Inside of Coffee Capsules

Aroma protection and consistent quality

Thanks to their excellent barrier properties, aluminum coffee capsules optimally protect the coffee powder from disruptive environmental influences such as air, light and moisture, thus ensuring that the full aroma of the coffee is retained.

Our heat seal coatings for the internal coating of coffee capsules comply with all current global food regulations. In cooperation with our customers, we develop product solutions that are precisely customized to our customers' systems.

We develop product solutions that not only meet the highest food regulatory standards, but also fulfill the individual requirements of our customers.

Stefan Brandhoff

Vice President of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA

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Product properties of our heat seal coatings

  • Excellent seal seam strength even under the pressure of the scalding process
  • High burst pressure in the stress test
  • Low migration, suitable for direct food contact
  • Protects the coffee aroma from external influences such as oxygen, light and moisture
  • Maximum flexibility and formability
  • Low odor and colorless

Food Safety

Reliable protection of consumer health is our top priority. That's why we conscientiously test the safety of the raw materials we use and, as a matter of principle, only use materials that have been proven to comply with standard market food regulations (including FDA and EU regulations). To meet not only current but also future market requirements, we are continuously developing our products.

Advantages for our customers

  • Tailor-made product solutions according to customer requirements
  • Worldwide availability and technical advice, also on site at the plant
  • Extensive expertise in food law issues
  • Everything from a single source: in addition to heat seal coatings for internal coating, we also offer a broad portfolio of primers, base coats, print and overprint varnishes for the outside of coffee capsules

How heat seal coatings can contribute to sustainable packaging

Increasing recycling rates and the resulting different product qualities of recycled materials face packaging manufacturers with new challenges. Our heat seal coatings are also suitable for sealing partners made of recycled aluminum and are thus able to compensate for variations in the quality of sealing partners. In this way, our products can help increase the use of circular materials in packaging and thus make a valuable contribution to greater sustainability.

Selected product solutions

PVC-free systems for coffee capsules

Our PVC-free heat seal coatings not only improve the recyclability of coffee capsules but can also help to increase the use of circular materials in packaging due to their adhesion to recycled aluminum.

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