Coatings for aluminum lid foils

Easy opening and optimum protection, even for sensitive foods

Aluminum lids offer several advantages. They can be embossed, which increases their stability and makes them stackable. They are also temperature-resistant, tear-resistant and offer optimum protection for the contents thanks to their excellent barrier properties.

Our coatings for aluminum lid films are optimally matched to the opening behavior, processability and the respective sealing partner. We have extensive expertise in packaging for sensitive foods such as dairy products, which place high demands on taste, freshness, storage processes and shelf life. Our product portfolio includes protective and heat seal coatings, primers as well as spacer and overprint varnishes.

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Protective and heat seal coatings for POE membranes

Our product solutions impress with excellent sealing properties on tinplate rings and guarantee hermetic sealing of the filling material. Our product portfolio includes both protective coatings for the outside of the membrane and heat seal coatings for the inside of the membrane.

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Printed sample

This water cup has been sealed with a universal solvent-based heat seal coating that ensures a hermetic seal without affecting the smell or taste of the water.


Our brands for lid films


Heat seal coatings for flexible packaging.


Coatings and primers for food and pharmaceutical packaging.


Laminating adhesives and adhesion coatings for flexible packaging.

WESSCO® Low Migration

Our European brand for low-migration UV coatings.