Protective Coatings for Menu Trays

Reliable protection for retort-resistant menu trays

Aluminum menu trays are characterized by numerous advantages. They are extremely durable, extend the shelf life of food thanks to their excellent barrier properties and help to avoid food waste thanks to packaging units that are tailored to individual needs. At the same time, menu trays must not impair the quality of the contents and must precisely meet the visual requirements of brand owners.

Our protective coatings for menu trays are resistant to sterilization even after deep drawing and meet the high requirements for food and pet food. A wide range of colors enables individual and brand-specific designs.

Protective coatings for menu trays

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Typical structure of a menu tray for food and pet food

4. Coating
3. Aluminum
2. Adhesive
1. PP

Product properties of our protective coatings

  • Retort-resistant
  • Deep drawable
  • High mechanical properties such as scratch resistance and very good durability, even against aggressive filling materials
  • Suitable for direct and indirect food contact
  • BPA-NI and BPF-NI
  • Transparent, colorless and colored available

Our product recommendation

ACTEcoat® CM-320 series (solvent-based, polyester-based)

Food safety

Reliable protection of consumer health is our top priority. That is why we carefully check the safety of the raw materials we use and only use materials that demonstrably comply with standard food regulations (including FDA and EU regulations). To meet not only current but also future market requirements, we are continuously developing our products.

Advantages for our customers

  • Tailor-made product solutions according to customer requirements
  • Worldwide availability and technical advice, also on-site at the plant
  • Extensive expertise in food law issues
  • Quality control using state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Quality certificates for each batch
  • Integrated management system: certified in environmental, energy, quality and occupational health and safety management

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