Soft-Touch Coatings for Plastic Tubes

For haptically impressive and lasting effect

Haptic effects complement and enhance the visual impression of products and give them a high-quality appearance. With the new water-based UV DualCure technology, we have succeeded in developing the world's first decorative coating with a soft-touch effect, which has a particularly soft haptic texture and is scratch and abrasion resistant.

Our GALACRYL® soft-touch coating is low-migration, making it ideal for packaging containers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, household goods and food industries.

How UV DualCure technology works

Thermal drying followed by UV curing – DualCure means that two curing methods are combined. The applied coating is first physically dried, which is achieved by hot air and infrared. Then the coating cures under ultraviolet radiation through a chemical reaction (crosslinking). As a result, we get the best of two technologies: the excellent soft-touch effect of a water-based coating system and, at the same time, the high scratch resistance of a UV coating system.

With our soft-touch effect, tube manufacturers have a wide range of options for transforming their products into a visual and tactile experience.

Srecko Stjepanovic

Vice President of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA

Properties of GALACRYL® soft-touch coatings

  • Long durability (scratch and abrasion resistant)
  • Low migration, suitable for the outside of food packaging that complies with legal requirements
  • Appealing matt degree
  • Hot or cold foil stamping
  • Can be overprinted and overpainted
  • Low odor and colorless
Soft touch tubes for coatings

Advantages for our customers

  • Implementation of high-quality brand owner designs
  • Wide range of application possibilities
  • No special/additional equipment necessary (processing on existing machines)
  • Technical advice regarding an optimal setting of the application parameters
  • Availability worldwide

Wide range of options for any type of tube

Our portfolio does not only include effect coatings for laminate tubes, but also for extruded tubes. These products offer the same high-quality standards.

GALACRYL® 89.500.17

UV DualCure Soft-touch. Our recommendation for extruded tubes.


Learn more about our GALACRYL® UV DualCure soft-touch coatings in our product brochure.