Coatings for Food Cans

Keeping food delicious and safe

Coatings are a crucial aspect of a food can’s performance. Not only do they help maintain the flavor and appearance of the food; they also protect the metal from the filling goods inside the can and from the environment outside it.

ACTEGA food can coatings are always in line with the strictest global food contact regulations.

We provide a comprehensive range of internal and external coatings for a wide variety of food can formats made from tinplate, TFS, or aluminum:

  • 2-piece DRD cans
  • 3-piece cans
  • Non-easy-open ends
  • Easy-open ends
  • Peelable ends

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.

Find the right solution for you

Our portfolio includes melamine-free, PFAS-free, and BPA-NI products for every coating application - and we’ve got both the inside and the outside of food cans covered. In terms of internal coatings, we offer protective lacquer in white, gold, and an aluminized finish, as well as topcoats and a meat release lacquer. Our range of external coatings comprises base coats, primers, gold and colorless protective lacquers, overprint varnish, score repair, and side stripes. With our coatings, food cans are safer and more attractive than ever - and their fillings just as delicious.