Compounds for Crown Corks

A top-quality product for crown corks

Whether you work with ring-pull closures, pry-off or twist-off crown corks, ACTEGA has the perfect compounds to meet your specific needs. Our compounds have helpful barrier properties and include oxygen scavengers to protect your filling goods. We also offer low-gauge technology that saves on materials and reduces the amount of metal used to protect the environment — without compromising on performance.

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Find the right solution for you

We offer an extensive range of PVC and PVC-free solutions for many different types of filling goods and product applications. Our compounds can be used in ring-pull closures, pry-off crowns, and twist-off crowns, and our low-gauge technology allows for the production of thinner crown corks, which saves on raw materials — that’s always good for the environment. The barriers and oxygen scavengers our compounds provide preserve the freshness of your filling goods. Many of our compounds have properties that help keep your products safe from potentially harmful substances: Some are free from mineral oil (MOF) or can be laser-marked, for instance. And many of them are also suitable for a broad spectrum of treatments, including hot filling, pasteurization, and retort — so we are certain to have the right solution for your product.