Compounds for Metal Vacuum Closures

New levels of safety in metal vacuum closures

In addition to conventional PVC plastisol compounds, ACTEGA exclusively offers PVC-free compounds for metal vacuum closures. In combination with BPA-NI internal coatings, these compounds are an ideal solution for highly regulated markets, as they deliver an exceptionally high standard of safety.

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Find the right solution for you

We offer conventional PVC plastisol solutions alongside our exclusive PVC-free compounds for metal vacuum closures. These compounds boast a wide range of applications across numerous types of filling goods and product treatments. They are available for metal vacuum closures such as twist-off, press-twist, and composite closures, and they are compatible with treatments including cold filling, hot filling, pasteurization and sterilization—delivering the highest levels of safety for your product. The compounds are also suitable for a diverse array of filling goods, whether they are oily or non-oily, fatty or non-fatty. With a comprehensive array of applications on offer, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your product.