Polistar Effect Inks for Beverage Cans

Innovative printing inks for beer and beverage cans

POLISTAR is our portfolio of printing inks for beer and beverage cans. They are PTFE-free and can be tailored to the specific needs of your project, adding high value to cans for trendy products such as wine, water and hybrid and soft drinks.

ACTEGA have a dedicated team focused on developing special and effect inks like tactile, thermochromic, fluorescent and others.

Aluminum can is a complete choice for beer and beverage fillers: besides being safe, practical, and convenient it can also be recycled infinitely.

This can explain the growing global demand for aluminum cans and why it is attracting different types of canned drinks such as water, wine, or ready-to-drink beverages.

POLISTAR effect inks for B&B presents immense opportunities to brand owners, by allowing tailored and customized projects to add value to their products.

Daniela Andrade

Product Manager Inks for B&B

A vast range of possibilities

Spider effect

  • Ink that provides a cracked / marbled effect. Due to its exclusive and differentiated look, we suggest using it in premium cans such as wines, sparkling wines, craft beers or even energy drinks and promotional arts.
  • For a better visualization of the effect, we recommend the application with matte varnish.
  • Available in various colors upon request.


  • Line of ink with bright and clean colors that has its brightening effect enhanced when cans are exposed to UV / Black light.
  • Available in various colors, upon request.

Magic Matte

  • Currently in the market it is possible to have cans only with gloss or matte effect, provided by the OPV.
  • Magic Matte inks allow the two effects simultaneously on the same can (matte and gloss), giving a localized effect with regular gloss OPV.
  • Available in various colors, upon request.


  • The ink gives a unique and differentiated pearlescent effect on the can, bringing a refined look and ideal for wine or sparkling beverages, for example.
  • It can be used with matt or gloss overprint varnish.
  • Available in various colors upon request.


  • The combination of ink and coating creates a rough texture effect on the aluminum can.
  • Available in assorted colors and various levels of effect.


  • This Ink has its color changed when subjected to low temperature, indicating that the product is at the ideal temperature for consumption.
  • Available for colors red, blue, purple, green, gray, etc.

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