Sealants for Airtight Metal Lids (Overcaps)

Strong, safe sealants for metal lids

As traditional plastic lids used for dry food packaging are gradually being replaced by lids made of metal, requirements have come into force to ensure that these resealable metal lids are airtight. That’s why ACTEGA now offers water-based, PVC-free sealants for resealable metal lids; they meet the stringent criteria for an airtight barrier.

The sealing compounds are applied to the metal lids using nozzle lining technology and subsequently cured in a curing oven. Our water-based, PVC-free compounds for resealable metal lids are solvent-free and free from BPA and plasticizers. They are suitable for use with powdered and dry food products such as instant coffee, cocoa, or baby food.

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ARTiSEAL® 2630 MCG is a water-based, PVC-free compound for airtight metal overcaps. These metal overcaps replace the plastic lids on top of a peelable membrane that are currently used on metal cans containing dry foods. Once the peelable membrane is removed, the metal overcap with the sealant keeps the filled can securely closed for the duration of its service life. It adheres extremely well to lacquered tinplate and ensures that the lid fits tightly, so it protects the powdered and dried foods inside the container. The sealant is available in the color gray, and consists of more than 50% renewable materials; it is even suitable for use with vegan products.