Sealants for Beer and Beverage Cans

Reference in beverage-end sealants on global markets

Sealant used for beverage ends needs to satisfy the most demanding requirements defined by both end-makers and can-fillers.

It shall be applied with highly precise weight and placement at outputs of 2.500 ends per minute per lining machine. Also, global beverage brands expect the sealant they use fulfil food contact legislation on all markets they operate.

It is the first beverage sealant made of renewable elastomers and nowadays is the reference in beverage-end sealants on global markets. The newest addition to the ARTISTICA RB1006 family is ARTISTICA RB1006 Z3, sealant with superior sustainability credentials.

ARTISTICA RB1006 Z2 - benefits as sealant for global beverage markets

  • Universal reference for 2-piece aluminum beer and beverage applications. Wide brand-owners’ approvals for water, CSD, energy drinks, juice, tea, coffee, beer and other beverages.
  • Worldwide food contact approvals.
  • One and only chemistry for all markets and standard parameters.
  • Easy handling - no stirring before nor during use necessary.
  • Good Adhesion to BPA-NI lacquers.
  • Excellent adaptability to the seam – suitable for metal downgauging and special end profiles.
  • High-yield sealant - up to 20% achievable material savings and the lowest dry film weights on the market.

ARTISTICA RB1006 Z3 - the sustainability champion

  • Sealant for beer and beverage cans formulated with up to 72% of renewable materials and no VOC content.
  • The first sealant for beverage canst that obtained Platinum-level of Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM in Material Health category. The highest-range certificate ensures the compound is made using chemicals that are as safe as possible for humans and the environment.

We provide customers with sustainable sealants, digital technologies, and top-notch services that enhance their position in the beverage can industry.

Dr. Teresa Ramos

Global Market Manager Beverage Cans

All about precision

Compound for beverage ends is applied at vertiginous speeds on rotary liners. Liners have usually 6-10 injectors that rotate. In addition, also can ends rotate on chucks at a speed of about 4000 rpm. The compound is applied on each end during 50 milliseconds (0.05s), and in this time end rotates more than 3 turns.

Beverage ends and cans bodies are made of very thin aluminum and, the industry is interested in further reducing metal thickness. Therefore, it is of key importance the sealant used for seaming of beverage cans is fully adaptable to the precise and tight parameters of the seam.

Learn more about the ROTARflow technology for compound digital weight management of ARTISTICA RB1006 compounds.

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