Inkjet Printable Coatings

Flexibility and efficiency in encoding

ACTEGA coating solutions are not only inkjet printable, but they are also writable and glueable - having a full-area coating. Products can be used in a flexible way, they dry fast and may be applied in combination with different inks and systems.

Our water-based inkjet printable coatings are perfectly suitable for individual marking purposes or personalization on packaging and commercial prints.

Individualization made easy

Mailings printed and coated in offset are personalized via inkjet; packaging is provided with batch numbers. Pharma boxes are encoded for identification and traceability. To meet these requirements, we need flexible coating solutions. So far, encoding areas were mostly left blank with coatings in order to achieve high quality and readable individualization. Our inkjet printable solutions, however, enable the full-area varnishing.

Full-area coating - flexible encoding

If encoding areas are left blank with coating, the following difficulties may occur: register problems, a higher material input or increased production efforts. If you are using a coating, however, which is not suitable for this kind of application, the quality of encoding may suffer, the marking is unstable.

The advantages of ACTEGA coating solutions:

Full-area coating
For flexible marking and design creativity.

Glueable and a fast drying
For a fast further processing.

For more functionality and application possibilities.

Neutral gloss
For a high-contrast marking and readability.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.