TERRAWET® Matt Coating G 16/197-045

Water based matt coating with good adhesion on non absorbent surfaces.

  • Coatings
  • Water based

Product Details


  • Flexible Packaging

Application method recommendation

  • Stir well before use! Mechanical stirring is recommended.
  • Viscosity for processing in gravure printing: 15 - 20 sec. (dilution with water : ethanol - 3 : 1)
  • The full profile of characteristics of the coating film is available after complete drying.
  • Recommended coating application: min. 1,5 g/m²/dry
  • Drying: hot air
  • Flexo
  • Gravure Printing
  • Wet-on-dry
  • Wet-in-wet

Product end use

  • Sac packaging
  • Dry foodstuff packagings
  • Soup bags
  • Food indirect
  • Sweets
  • Pharma


  • -

Substrate recommendation

  • Uncoated paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • PVC, PP, PE, PET foils etc.
  • Metallized substrates


Product specifications are contained in the technical data sheet. Depending on the product, you can download this from the ACTEGA website or request it using the contact form. For more details, please refer to our product disclaimer here .