Coatings for Coffee Capsules

Aroma protection and a variety of color shades

Since their invention in the 1970s, single-serving coffee capsules have become a relevant player in the coffee market. Aluminum coffee capsules in particular stand for premium quality, as their outstanding barrier properties optimally protect the coffee powder from disruptive environmental influences such as air, light, and moisture, thus ensuring that the full aroma of the coffee is retained.

Our coatings for the inside and outside of coffee capsules and their lid foils offer maximum food safety with an extensive range of different color shades and are also suitable for recycled aluminum alloys.

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Coatings for the outside of coffee capsules

The manufacture of products that combine food safety and color variety is one of our greatest strengths. We are able to develop and produce almost any color shade exactly according to color specifications (PMS, RAL, NCS). For exterior applications we offer primers, base coats as well as print and overprint varnishes.

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Heat seal coatings for the inside of coffee capsules

Our heat seal coatings for the internal coating and lid films comply with the globally applicable food regulations. In cooperation with our customers, we develop product solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective systems.

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Aluminum recycling

Aluminum is a circular material that can in principle be endlessly recycled without losing its original properties – 75% of all aluminum produced since the beginning of industrial production is still used. In addition, unlike other packaging materials, it provides a complete barrier that optimally protects the contents. This property is also advantageous for recycling, as comparable plastic packaging often requires a multilayer structure that can complicate or disrupt the recycling process. Another plus point is the good collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure for aluminum, which in some cases leads to recycling rates of over 90% in Europe.

While the production of primary aluminum is energy-intensive, its recycling requires only 5% of the energy needed for production. This means that the use of recycled aluminum makes a decisive contribution to CO2 savings, which is reinforced since more than half of the aluminum produced in Europe comes from recycled materials.

Our coatings are also suitable for recycled aluminum. In this way, our products can help to increase the use of circular materials in packaging and thus make a valuable contribution to greater sustainability.

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