At ACTEGA, we invest in sustainable products and new technologies that create impact without impacting the planet. Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have” it is a must, and we incorporate this into our everyday actions. For packaging, there are two main factors: The CO2 impact and the packaging’s end of life (waste).

As a new category of embellishment, the ECOLEAF technology was developed with this in mind. It changes the way traditional metallization is done - by minimizing wastage and optimizing resources while maintaining a highly reflective and impactful metallic effect. ECOLEAF offers a demonstrably better CO2 footprint than traditional methods and is ideal for labels.

The technology behind

ECOLEAF has reinvented the metallization process by using “on-demand” metallization. Because ECOLEAF only places the metal flakes exactly where they are needed, it eliminates the need for PET carrier film and therefore foil reels. This significantly reduces waste and plastic consumption and minimizes the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of these materials. ECOLEAF enables the production of eye-catching metallic label embellishments with a significantly improved environmental profile.


Ready to assess your environmental footprint and to reduce your scope 3 CO2 impact?

Just Imagine

Metallization just like traditional methods but with less waste

High shine and relief metallic embellishment

It is well known that the industry standard technology for metallic embellishments, hot and cold foiling, is anything but environmentally friendly. Each year, thousands of tons of foil waste are sent to landfill or burned in incineration plants. Therefore, ACTEGA has completely reinvented this process and created a truly sustainable solution that eliminates the need for foil altogether and uses radically less raw materials for the same output. And all this while creating outstanding, high shine and unique metallization effects for your packaging.

Ready to assess your environmental footprint and to reduce your scope 3 CO2 impact?

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An endless rainbow of metallic colors

Making instead of choosing your own metallic color

As ECOLEAF can be overprinted with any color, a veritable rainbow of metallic effects can be realized. This allows you the highest degree of creative freedom. Forget about Swatch Books.

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On-demand metallization at your fingertips

For more flexibility

Your artwork can be changed quickly - which is practical in the case of limited editions. It is also possible to carry out late-stage differentiation or personalization.

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We see our role within your value chain

Reduce your scope 3 CO2 impact with ECOLEAF

A certified full life cycle assessment of our technology justifies our claim - no greenwashing, we can demonstrate what we say.

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Now stop imagining. With ECOLEAF, you can benefit from all the aspects mentioned before.

Dennis Siepmann

Global Head of Sustainability

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Are you a brand owner who is interested in improving the environmental footprint of your products and reduce your scope 3 CO2 impact (indirect CO2 emissions)? If so we can help, by comparing your existing artwork label directly with a label where the metallization has been replaced with our ECOLEAF technology.

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