The only PVC-free solution for metal vacuum closures

Our brand PROVALIN® covers the PVC-free sealing compounds used for metal vacuum closures, for glass jars containing food. PROVALIN® is the only existing PVC-free alternative to the conventional PVC-materials.

Neither PVC nor plasticizers are used in the production of PROVALIN® compounds. This prevents the migration of harmful substances - such as plasticizers - into food.

PROVALIN® compounds have successfully undergone long-term testing and are commercially proven in the market. In combination with ACTEbond BPA- NI interior coatings, ACTEGA offers a complete package solution.

PROVALIN® the success story

  • 2007
    • Start development.
    • Patents application.
  • 2008
    • First filling trials with Twist Off® closures.
  • 2011
    • Market introduction PROVALIN® for Twist Off® closures.
    • German Packaging Award 2011 for Feinkost Dittmann, PANO und ACTEGA for the first PVC-free Twist Off® closure with PROVALIN®.
  • 2016
    • First filling trials with Press-On Twist Off® closures for baby food.
  • 2019
    • Market introduction PROVALIN® for Press-On Twist Off® closures.
    • German Packaging Award for Pelliconi for Press-On Twist Off® closure with PROVALIN®.
  • 2020
    • Market introduction ACTGreen® PROVALIN® for Press-On Twist Off® closures - recognizable through the green color.

PROVALIN® at a glance

  • Patented technology
  • PVC- and plasticizer- free – no migration into food
  • Suitable for all kinds of metal closures
  • Suitable for oily- and non-oily food
  • Optimum and consistent opening torques
  • Saving energy and CO2 - no gas-fired drying ovens are needed during closures production

With PROVALIN® we offer a globally unique PVC-free solution and make an important contribution to food safety and sustainability.

Marta Ochalek

Product Manager PROVALIN®

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Application areas

The PROVALIN® products family offers solution suitable for all types of filling goods, closures and heat treatment processes.

Twist-Off® closures

Sterilization - PROVALIN® 1288
Suitable for all food.

Cold fill and storage - PROVALIN® 1269
Suitable for all food.

Press-On Twist Off® closures

Pasteurization - ACTGreen® PROVALIN® 1741
Suitable for baby food and other food.

Sterilization - ACTGreen® PROVALIN® 1771
Suitable for baby food and other food.

Ring Pull closures

Sterilization - PROVALIN® 1588
Suitable for all food.

Composite closures

Sterilization - PROVALIN® 1634
Suitable for all non-fat / non-oil-containing products (e.g. Chicken Essence, Bird Nest).

Download our brochure about our PVC-free sealing compound for press-on twist off® closures and find out more about the use of ACTEGreen® PROVALIN®.