Compounds for Closures

Discover our comprehensive range of compound technologies for closures

Compounds are ideally suited for sealing food and beverage packaging such as crown corks, aluminum caps, twist-off caps, and plastic closures.

The ACTEGA range of compounds delivers everything from standard products to special formulations that facilitate the production of more sustainable end products.

We have extensive expertise in regulatory issues that we bring to bear in this field, and our strong focus on innovation and service rounds off our profile.

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Aluminum long caps

Aluminum closures

Crown corks

Metal vacuum closures

Plastic closures


PVC-free solution for metal vacuum closures

Our PROVALIN® brand comprises the PVC-free sealing compounds used for metal vacuum closures that seal glass jars containing food. PROVALIN® is the only PVC-free alternative to conventional PVC-based materials.

Mineral oil-free liner for soft drinks

Our new environmentally friendly mineral oil- and PVC-free compounds SVELON® 875 and DARAFORM® 6435 are designed for premium brands.

Low-gauge compounds for crown corks

Facilitate the production of crown corks with a thickness of just 0.18 mm—without compromising performance.

PVC-free crown cork compounds with QR codes

Interact directly with your consumers by printing QR codes in the crown cork or even the liner.

PVC and silicone-free compounds for valves

Improved recyclability and sustainability for water bottles, energy drinks, and squeezable tubes.

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