TPE compounds for medical technology

What is ProvaMed®?

Our TPEs for medical and pharmaceutical applications are summarized under the ProvaMed® brand. ProvaMed® stands for soft-elastic TPEs complying with the highest demands on purity, hygiene and safety. We bundle our portfolio of standard products for medical technology under ProvaMed® as well as our development and production competence for customized, tailored TPEs for highly-sensitive areas of application. Our ProvaMed® TPEs display a Shore hardness range of A-20 to A-90.

How can you benefit by using ProvaMed® TPEs?

The fact that our ProvaMed® TPEs are free of PVC and plasticizers means that you can lend your products an exemplary function while simultaneously protecting patients and specialist medical personnel.

You gain extra freedom of design, flexibility and sustainability when you combine components made from soft PVC with those made from TPEs with customary solvents or process them in an economic multi-component injection-molding process which is easily possible with our solvent-bondable and adhesion-optimized TPEs. On the one hand, they reduce the percentage of harmful PVC plastics containing plasticizers in your products, thereby avoiding the pervasive debate about plasticizers. On the other hand, you can work significantly more economically as the multi-component method shortens cycle times and reduces the effort involved in assembly.

You can design the time-consuming process of qualification of your medical product significantly less stressfully by using ProvaMed® TPEs which have already been tested in accordance with ISO 10993-5 with outstanding results. How you can achieve faster and more successful market access for your new product plans when collaborating with our experts in the area of TPEs: they support you throughout, from development through to market launch. And they can also guarantee 100% material supplies: at all times, anywhere and anytime. This is of decisive importance for your medical products in particular which are applied in situations where every second counts.

We would be delighted to advise you on the use of ProvaMed® and the individual advantages for you. Please contact us!

What can ProvaMed® be used for?

The possibilities are manifold as the TPEs can be easily processed in extrusion, injection-molding, and multi-component injection-molding methods. We would like to present some examples here which highlight the particular advantages of our TPEs over other materials, e.g. for drip chambers, medical tubes such as multi-layer and co-extrusion tubes, pharmaceutical plugs or syringe piston seals, as certain property profiles of our TPEs, including particularly good adhesion to thermoplastics such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC and PA, which are also retained even in the case of continuous contact with media and increased temperatures, ensure high product benefits here.

Download our PDF brochure on the ProvaMed® TPE products and learn about the advantages of TPE compounds for medical technology.


TPE compounds for medical applications

Provamed® stands for a broad product portfolio of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) for the medical industry.