Coatings for Metal Packaging

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Coatings are an indispensable part of today’s metal packaging industry. They protect the packaging itself while also lending the product a decorative element. Additionally, coatings safeguard the shelf life of the final product to ensure compliance with major regulatory agencies around the globe. Coatings are fundamental in so many ways—not least in that they make the product even more visually appealing to consumers.

ACTEGA supports the packaging industry by delivering core regulatory excellence going beyond mere legal compliance. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of coatings that are in line with the most important international regulations—that includes BPA-NI and PFAS-free products.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our development process. Metal is one of the greenest forms of packaging, and our innovative solutions help the industry further reduce its carbon footprint and VOC emissions. Our UV Direct to Metal and low cure coating ranges are perfect examples of our commitment to sustainable products.

Digital printing technologies make the printing process more agile and offer unlimited opportunities for commoditization. While the disadvantages of digital printing - low production speeds, poor quality prints - have thus far prevented it from making headway in the metal packaging industry, our INNOCAN® technology changes all that. It delivers high-speed digital printing with offset quality.


  • Solvent-based coatings
  • ​Water-based coatings
  • ​UV coatings


  • Protective lacquer
  • ​Base coat/primer​
  • Topcoat​
  • Overprint varnish​
  • Heat seal lacquer​
  • Meat release lacquer​
  • Score repair and side stripe​
  • RIM coating​


  • Beer and beverage cans
  • ​Food cans​
  • GL cans​
  • 3-piece aerosols
  • ​Drums​
  • Closures​
  • Monobloc aerosols​
  • Aluminum bottles
  • ​Collapsible tubes​

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Beer and Beverage Cans

Food Cans​

General Line Cans, 3-pc Aerosol Cans & Drums


Monobloc Cans, Aluminum Bottles & Tubes



UV base coats, primers, and protective coatings for cans and closures​.


High-speed offset digital printing for GL and 3-piece aerosol cans​.

Low Cure

Internal low cure coatings for monobloc aerosol cans​.

ACTEcoat® for Premium Can Ends

Distinction and exclusivity for beverage can ends​.

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