BlisterKote® water-based blister coatings utilize a patent pending copolymer technology that promotes excellent adhesion over a wide range of plastics and boards.

BlisterKote® offers excellent adhesion and fiber bonds with a wide range of blister grade plastics and blister grade paper board stock to APET, PET, RPET, PETG, GAG and PVC films. This patent pending technology affords converters the opportunity to expand their choices in blister materials.

Act sustainable with BlisterKote®

BlisterKote® also features fast drying properties which allows you to maximize your press speeds, while achieving a high gloss appearance and non-blocking properties.

BlisterKote® coatings are formulated with ACTEGA’s Low VOC technology, which provides a sustainable product while maintaining superior performance. BlisterKote® has also been proven to work with free qualified recycled blister board and some recycled blister grade plastics such as RPET creating a completely sustainable package.

Let BlisterKote® be your next coating when running blister packaging, it won’t let you down.

Lee Andrews

Vice President, Paper & Board, North America

BlisterKote® Features and Benefits​

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Wide compatibility range on plastic & films​
  • Eco-friendly using Low VOC technology
  • Quick clean up​
  • Fast drying
  • Optimal performance on flexographic, lithographic and digital printing processes​
  • Great performance on both inline and offline coating applications

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