Acting sustainably and environmentally friendly

ACTGreen® is our portfolio of products that make a decisive contribution to sustainability. This does not only include products that have themselves been sustainably formulated, but also those that enable the production of more sustainable end products. ACTGreen® is divided into three categories.

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Overprint varnishes with the plus in sustainability

ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings is a sustainable portfolio of overprint varnishes for the use on folding cartons, publications and commercial prints. This includes both products based on recycled raw materials of fossil origin and bio-based materials as well as coatings based on renewable resources in the form of vegetable resins. All products are well established in the market or a further development of existing, mature products with the same positive technical properties. This makes ACTGreen® a reliable partner for the printing industry.


Barrier coating solutions and sustainability

In packaging, barriers are often realized by multiple layer substrates. However, these products generate waste and high recycling costs. Water-based barrier coating solutions offer a more environmentally friendly alternative. ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings include both water-based barrier coatings and water-based TPE dispersions (YUNICO®), which can be used in the packaging, printing or paper industry.


With ACTGreen® we have taken another important step towards sustainability and more environmental protection in our industries.

Björn Askevold

Global Portfolio Manager Paper & Board

Sustainable compound solutions

ACTGreen® Sustainable Compounds are PVC-free and plasticizer-free sealing compounds for food packaging. They are blends of carefully selected thermoplastic elastomers; there is no migration of harmful substances into the food. ACTGreen® Sustainable Compounds, including the PROVALIN® brand, meet all requirements for a safe and environmentally friendly packaging.


Products dedicated to sustainability

Why ACTGreen®?

he use of natural and limited resources is increasing worldwide. There is a growing competition for diminishing raw materials. Resource- and emission-intensive industrial nations are a challenge to be mentioned here, as well as the rapid progress of developing countries. In addition, there are global environmental problems, such as climate change or increasing amounts of waste. The idea of sustainability is becoming ever more important.

​​​​​​​Environmental sustainability is no longer a niche issue. Only those who know their own responsibility can sustainably improve their company’s image and realize a competitive advantage.

The objective is to create new sustainable product solutions or product solutions that contribute to more environmental protection. Act Green!