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ECOLEAF (1) Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil (4) Labels (12) Paper & Board (14) Specialty Consumer Goods (1)


ECOLEAF Personal Care Labels

Metallization just like traditional methods but with less waste. Take the next step towards your commitment to sustainability and capturing consumer attention!

Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil

ACTEcoat® Effect Coatings

Discover our ACTEcoat® sample folder with a selection from our portfolio for solvent-based effect coatings for plastic and aluminum foils and flexible paper.

Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil

Effect Coatings for Laminate Tubes

Two different designs combine different effects from metallic, matt and gloss effects to wet-touch finishes, reflecting a wide range of design possibilities.​

Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil

Heat-Seal Coatings for Water Cups

For this sample, we used a universal solvent-based heatseal coating that ensures a hermetic seal while not affecting the smell and taste of the water.

Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil

Optical and Haptic Effects for Extruded Tubes

Discover our WESSCO® UV, WESSCO® POLAR and GALACRYL® UV DualCure coatings for matt, gloss and soft-touch effects.



LED-UV gloss coating with thermal transfer functionality providing valuable functions and enables the subsequent printing of labels.


LED-UV Matt & Gloss

Great combination of LED-UV matt coating and LED-UV gloss coating for your added value at the Point of Sale


LED-UV MotionCoat®

LED-UV MotionCoat® system (primer/topcoat) for motion-like effects by changing the viewing angle.


LED UV matt

UV matt coating for LED UV applications in combination with LED UV lamps (wavelength: 385 nm to 395 nm).


Pressure Sensitive Labels Sample Folder

Discover ACTEGA's set of premium pressure sensitive labels with special effects and high opacity white inks.


Shrink Sleeves: Hybrid AQ-UV Soft Touch

Hybrid AQ-UV Soft Touch and UV Shrink White (FCM).


Shrink Sleeves: Solvent Based Silver

Solvent Based Silver, UV Shrink White (FCM) and UV Wet Touch.


Shrink Sleeves: UV Matte

UV Matte Coating for shrink sleeve application - UV Shrink White (FCM), UV Matte and UV Shrink White (FCM).


Shrink Sleeves: UV Silver

UV Silver, UV Shrink White (FCM) and UV Wet Touch.


Shrink Sleeve Sample Folder

Discover the possibilities with our new sample folder and see how our coatings, inks and adhesives can help you differentiate your shrink sleeve labels.


UV Matt

UV matt coating with MiraFoil® UV silver coating and UV gloss spot varnishing for Pressure Sensitive Labels.


UV-LED Inks for Low Migration Applications

Discover 3 printed samples showcasing UV-LED Ink solutions for low migration applications in various color shades.

Paper & Board

ACTEGA folding carton

Function meets finishing: A combination of barrier, metallic and matt/gloss effects.

Paper & Board

ACTGreen® Baking Tray

ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings are focused on performance and sustainability.

Paper & Board

ACTGreen® Burger Box

A combination of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings and ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings.

Paper & Board

ACTGreen® Burger Box 2.0

New edition: A combination of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings and ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings.

Paper & Board

ACTGreen® Sustainable Coatings

Combination of sustainable gloss and dull matt coatings.

Paper & Board

Confectionery 2

MotionCoat system (primer/topcoat) for motion-like effects by changing the viewing angle, both FoodClass.

Paper & Board

Confectionery 3

Water-based inline Primer with UV gloss varnish (FoodClass).

Paper & Board

Matt and Gloss effect

UV gloss varnish on water-based dull matt coating.

Paper & Board

Metallic Sample box

Discover 10 printed samples showing water-based gold and silver coatings as well as UV solutions in various color shades, for the application from the coating unit or out of the ink duct.

Paper & Board

Printed sample box "We care"

In combination with powerful images, this printed sample box shows a wide range of finishing options.

Paper & Board

Soap Box: Barrier meets Effect Finishing

An attractively designed folding carton - finished with metallic and MotionCoat effects. Inside, ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings protect the filling good and ensure packaging quality.

Paper & Board

Strike Through (Drip off) Coating

Strike through coatings fulfill both visual and haptic functions. They also approach the other senses of a person and enable multi-sensory printed products.

Paper & Board

UV Inline Coating

A combination of water-based primer and UV topcoat.

Paper & Board

Water-based drip off

Water-based drip off system.

Specialty Consumer Goods

TPE Pharmaceutical Stopper

Experience the ProvaMed® TPE compounds in action with our pharmaceutical stopper sample. See the outstanding properties regarding resealability, fragmentation and penetrability.

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