Sealants for Cans

Water-based sealants are an important element of any can. They start out in liquid form, and a variety of different application technologies can be used to apply them to can ends in that state. Once they are cured, they are encapsulated within the seam of the can, concealed from view. Can sealants are vital for ensuring that cans remain hermetically sealed, protecting both the integrity of the can and the freshness and safety of the product inside it. They act as a barrier, preventing potential leakage and protecting the contents of the can from external contaminants.

We offer suitable water-based sealants for every type of filling good and application process.

Learn more about how our comprehensive range of water-based sealants can fulfill your specific requirements.

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For beer and beverage cans

For round food cans

For non-round food cans

For general line, drums, and aerosol cans


ROTARflow - Sealant Weight Management

The ultimate solution for controlling, adjusting, and monitoring the amount of Artística water-based sealants applied to can ends directly at the point of application, automatically and continuously.

Sustainable sealant for beverage ends

Artística RB1006 Z3 obtained the Platinum level of Cradle to Cradle certification in the Material Health category.

It is the first Platinum-level Material Health Certificate ever awarded to a sealant for beverage cans

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