FAQ: Realignment of Production

Realignment of production at the sites in Adliswil and Lehrte

As a leading supplier of water-based and UV coatings for the printing and packaging industry, ACTEGA is always striving to position itself even more market-driven and service-oriented.

This also includes recognizing and focusing on the strengths of each individual site.

In addition, market requirements have not only grown technically, but also require ever new regulatory and production measures.

In order to continue to meet these requirements and to maintain a leading position in quality, innovation and regulatory performance, ACTEGA has decided to realign the productions of its sites in Switzerland (ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner) and Lehrte, Germany (ACTEGA Terra). In this way, it is possible to further increase the strength of both plants.

In future, ACTEGA in Lehrte will focus on the development and production of water-based and DualCure coatings, while ACTEGA in Switzerland will become the competence center and production site for UV-curing and high-quality metallic coatings (UV and solvent-based).

As many questions are sure to arise from this relocation of production, we have compiled an FAQ catalog that you can find below.

What are the benefits of the realignment for me as a customer?
The realignment of the sites will strengthen competencies in R&D, production/production safety and consulting. This will lead to optimized service levels and better customer support. Added to this are a coordinated and improved quality assurance, as well as supply reliability thanks to optimized logistics chains. The capacities gained both in the area of specialty coatings and in the volume business offer the possibility of more flexible production planning for individual customer requirements.

When do the changes take effect?
The last order acceptance of the respective location will be March, the 1st. The last delivery will be one week later on March, the 8th. All orders scheduled for a later delivery date will be served from the new location.

Which products are affected?
All water-based products including DualCure as well as the corresponding additives will be produced by ACTEGA in Lehrte, Germany. Products can be recognized by the brand names GALACRYL® and TerraWet®. All UV and metallic products will be transferred to ACTEGA in Switzerland.

Do coatings remain identical in terms of:

Yes, all formulations are adopted 1:1 in the technology transfers. Both sites have great expertise in the respective production technologies and occupy a leading market position. The production technologies have already been compared and harmonized over the last three years and ensure consistent product quality. Suppliers of the starting materials are aligned and will be taken over during the relocation.
Product name, product code and branding?
All product-related data remain the same.

What packaging will be used in future?
In the course of the realignment, packaging will be partially reallocated, harmonized and adapted to the requirements.

For UV coatings, packaging will change as follows:

What are the implications in terms of certifications or product claims, e.g., FoodClass®, Material Health?
The goal is to transfer all formulations as they exist today. Therefore, the certifications and product promises remain active. In particular, the FoodClass certificate will be externally reviewed and certified for the new production site.

Are there any changes with regards to EU-REACh?
REACh compliance for deliveries to/into the EU is ensured by the respective sites.

What will change in the classification of hazardous substances?
The classification of hazardous substances is independent of the manufacturing sites.

Where will I get my MSDS, TDS, LQZ or Certificates of Origin?
As it is today, it will be the contact of the site where the product is produced/ordered from. Contact persons such as sales or technical services will remain unchanged.

Where will I order from in future?
Products must be ordered from the site where the product is produced. Combined orders of several products from different locations are not possible.

Is there any impact on production and delivery times?
No negative effects on production times are expected. Positive effects are possible in individual cases due to increased machine capacities and flexibility. Delivery times may vary due to changes in distances between customers and sites.

How do you handle combined deliveries (truck and sea freight)?
Combined deliveries of products from different locations are generally not possible.

What are the implications for me as a self-collector of combined shipments?
Combined pick-ups of products from different sites will generally not be possible.

Are there any changes if I order as a non-EU manufacturer from Switzerland?
All import duties and customs declarations are assumed by ACTEGA in Switzerland. For the customer, the delivery is to be treated as a delivery within the European Union (“innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung”).

Invoices from Lehrte contain German VAT, from Switzerland they will be issued with 0%, except from France. Due to regular import clearance, customers will receive the invoice from the forwarder directly.