April 2023

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Applications and further information

FinishDescription / Region
Gloss CoatingWater-based coating for high gloss surfaces
TerraWet High Gloss Coating G 9/470EMEA/Asia
Starkote® AQ-454North America
Matt CoatingWater-based dull matt coating with a fast drying, a very high wet block resistance and a good scuff resistance, suitable for the direct food contact
TerraWet Matt Coating G 9/65 dull matt FoodSafeEMEA/Asia
Starkote® AQ-746NCNorth America


Turtles have been around for a very long time. They already existed when dinosaurs still populated our planet. In total, we know more than 350 species. Some live on land, many in fresh water, others in the sea. All sea turtles are threatened with extinction. These animals are hunted or end up unintentionally as by-catch in fishing nets. Due to increasing marine pollution, turtles also die from indigestible plastic bags as they confuse them with their food, the jellyfish.