December 2023

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Applications and further information

FinishDescription / Region
UV SilverLow-migration high brilliant UV silver coating
Mirafoil® UVS4027North America
UV TopcoatUV Topcoat for UV silver with a very high transparency and a medium reactivity
WESSCO POLAR 27.499.67 Protective CoatingEMEA/Asia
Miracure® UVS4100North America
AU 2808China
UV Sand Touch CoatingLow-migration UV coating for sand touch effects
WESSCO LM 26.396.02 Sand CoatingEMEA/Asia
AU 1008China


Like hardly any other animal, the lion symbolizes strength, endurance, and beauty. Following the tiger, it is the second largest predatory cat in the world and the only cat species that lives together in prides. Yet the lion is considered highly endangered. Shrinking habitats, fewer and fewer prey animals, poaching and other conflicts with humans are responsible for the fact that the population continues to decline.