January 2023

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Applications and further information

FinishDescription / Region
PrimerMineral oil free, conventionally drying primer to achieve drip off effects in combination with a suitable high gloss coating
TerraEffekt Drip Off Primer 1260/1EMEA / Asia
Effect Varnish #14WNorth America
UV Gloss CoatingLow-migration UV coating with lower slip values, glueable and suitable for hotfoil stamping
WESSCO LM 27.423.14EMEA / Asia
AU 2862China
UV Wet Touch CoatingLow-migration UV coating for surfaces with a wet touch effect
WESSCO LM 2830 Wet TouchEMEA / Asia

Polar bear

Polar bears have adapted perfectly to their environment. Yet their population is threatened. One reason is climate change. Polar bears rely heavily on sea ice for traveling, hunting, mating or resting, but their habitat and hunting ground is melting. Moreover, there are other factors that endanger the polar bear. These include — just to name a few — overhunting of seals (their main food source), trophy hunting and increasing shipping traffic.