November 2023

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Applications and further information

FinishDescription / Region
UV LED Soft Touch CoatingUV matt varnish with a high reactivity for UV LED applications
Ultrasheen® LED-ST53North America
TerraGloss UV Matt Varnish G 38/10 NVKEMEA/Asia
UV LED Gloss CoatingUV gloss varnish with a high reactivity for UV LED applications, gluable and suitable for hot foil stamping
Ultrasheen® LED-9115North America
TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 38/525 VKEMEA/Asia

Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth Macaws are parrots native to South America. They live together in small family groups and are very loyal to their partner. Because of their beautiful plumage, these birds are often kept as pets. Therefore, poaching is one of the main reasons for the dramatic decline of their populations. The progressive colonization of their habitats and the accompanying destruction of food sources should also be mentioned in this context.