October 2023

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Applications and further information

FinishDescription / Region
Matt PrimerWater-based matt primer for the later UV inline coating
TerraWet Primer G 9/734 mattEMEA/Asia
Starkote® AQ-3010North America
HIDROFIX PRIMER 1845 MATTE - 99F1845Brazil
AWD 7102China
UV Sand Touch CoatingUV matt coating for surfaces with a sand effect (used in flexo printing)
TerraScreen UV Matt Varnish G 22/602 NVKEMEA/Asia
UltraSheen® UV-9772ANorth America


Rhinos are colossi from prehistoric times. They are among the largest land mammals, can run amazingly fast, have an excellent sense of smell and good hearing, but poor eyesight. Today, there are only five living species, three of which are acutely threatened with extinction. The reason for this, apart from habitat loss, is poaching. Illegally exported rhino horn is the greatest threat to these impressive animals.