ECOLEAF Webseminar

Creating a sustainable future for metallization

Climate change and the impact of plastic waste streams require new strategies and alternative solutions. It´s not just about doing business sustainably ourselves, but also about making a significant contribution to improving sustainability throughout the value chain. It is important to save material wherever possible. Afterall, this also influences the CO2 balance, since less material usually means less energy and lower transport costs.

At ACTEGA, we invest heavily in new technologies and innovative product solutions to reduce material and waste volumes, lower energy consumption and to make processes more efficient. In this WebSeminar, you accompanied us on a journey into the world of sustainable metallization and learned:

  • About the challenges and ACTEGA's strategies to support circularity and material savings.
  • How we reinvented the metallization process and how it works.
  • About ECOLEAF´s positive impact on sustainability while meeting quality, productivity and cost requirements.

If you missed the event, no problem. We have saved the recording for you and stored it here. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

WebSeminar Presentation

Creating a sustainable future for metallization.

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