The Future of Labels and Packaging Production

ACTEGA Metal Print Partner, ABG, brings industry together to experience the future of labels and packaging production

AB Graphic International (ABG) recently opened its doors to almost 150 label and packaging professionals, all keen to see the very latest products and solutions from ABG and its partners, including ACTEGA Metal Print.

The theme of the event had a firm focus on the future of the industry. The day centred around live demonstrations of highly technical equipment designed to drive some of the most important developments and improvements towards automated and sustainable packaging production.

Herma, Hybrid Software, CERM and GEW UV were included in the line-up of ABG partners supporting the event. In addition, two partners were given time in the program to address the event guests on the topic of sustainability – MAAN Engineering who presented their coating and coating equipment for ground-breaking linerless labels , and Paolo Grasso, Sales Director for ECOLEAF. Paolo explained the many benefits of this pioneering metallization technology alongside digital labels specialist and ECOLEAF customer, Springfield Solutions.

“To be with some of our most valued partners, surrounded by so many people interested in the opportunities made possible by ECOLEAF technology was fantastic,” explained Paolo. “At the top of everyone’s agenda is how we can automate production, a topic where ABG is truly pushing boundaries and, Mercian Labels, has taken the lead. Adrian Steele, Managing Director of Mercian Labels, gave an inspiring speech on how his company has forged ahead with automation optimization, supported by their collaboration with ABG.

“Of course, the other hot topic is how we reduce our carbon footprint while supporting brands to do the same and still delivering the quality and impact required to stand out on the shelf. ECOLEAF offers the solution that supports this multifaceted objective in every way. The people present at ABG’s event and many others around the world can see that ECOLEAF will enable them to operate profitably and sustainably, future-proofing their business and contributing to an even greater cause – the well-being of our planet.”

Matt Burton, Global Sales Director, ABG said, “It was so refreshing to be face-to-face with some of the most forward-thinking packaging and labels business owners from the UK and across Europe. Everyone who attended our open house was eager to find new ways to improve their production processes and it was great to be able to present some of the latest, most innovative technology available to them to do this.”

Guests were also treated to a tour of ABG’s brand new facility in Kelleythorpe, set to dramatically enhance the company’s production capabilities.

“The event was a great success and we’re confident our guests took many inspiring ideas and lots of valuable information away with them. The aim of the event was to reconnect post-pandemic and show off what ABG has been up to - our new products, new facilities, new partnerships, new innovation and to share our strategic vision - all developments that allow us to better serve our markets and customers around the world, today and tomorrow,” concluded Matt.

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